Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Please Join Me in watching Off The Menu for #MovieandMunchies

Welcome to our 3rd Edition of Movies and Munchies a new group of Film Loving Foodies.  We all watch the same movie during the month, create a recipe inspired by the movie and post about it on your blog and/or instagram.  It is a lot of fun and anyone is welcome to join.  You can find out more on our Facebook page

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I am excited to be hosting this month and would love for you to join us in watching the rom/com, food filled 2018 film, Off the Menu.

Off the Menu

I stumbled upon this film on Netflix quite by accident.  I turned it on and I loved it.  I knew that I wanted to choose it for a Movies and Munchies month.  It stars Santino Fantana as Joe Flanagan, the unwilling heir to his grandfather's fast food Mexican restaurant chain.  Joe does not like fast food.
He does not like Mexican food.  He does not like to work. What Joe does like is himself, and exercise, and sanitary aesthetics.  Joe also likes the lifestyle afforded him by his legacy.

Joe's sister, Stacy (Kristen Dalton) runs the business with a no nonsense, stay at the top regardless of who you need to step on to do so, attitude.   Stacy sends Joe to New Mexico, much to his dismay, to find the next recipe that will keep their chain on top.

Joe ends up in a tiny, little town with one restaurant owned by Javiera Torres (Dania Ramirez) a single mom to a precious, precocious young girl, who also is carrying on a family legacy.  Javiera's family legacy though is one of love that is displayed in the meals she cooks and the produce that she grows.

There is certainly no lack of food inspiration in this film and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I.  When you finish watching the film please let me know by leaving a link to your review and recipe on the event page by March 29. I will be posting a round up of the links on March 31.  


  1. I just watched it. The New Mexico setting has me wanting to travel there soon. Cute film and I recognized quite a few places. (Pretty sure I've been to the restaurant that was doubling for Javiera's.) Can't wait to see the round up!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Debra. I'm anxious to see what you cook up.


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