Friday, February 18, 2022

Pasta with Spiced Vegetables and Anchovies #FishFridayFoodies

This savory. slightly spicy sauce is a great way to introduce more vegetables into your diet.  The anchovies melt into the sauce giving it a wonderful flavor that will have people wondering what your secret ingredient could be.

Pasta with Spiced Vegetables and Anchovies

Welcome to Fish Friday Foodies.......
Cam of Culinary Adventures with Camilla is hosting this month and invited us to join her in sharing recipes that contain Sustainable Seafoods.

Let's see how everyone showed their Love of the Sea by using Sustainable Seafoods today......

I decided to feature anchovies for this event.  Roland is a Spanish company that uses sustainable methods of catching anchovies which they then fillet and pack in olive oil.  Many years ago a longtime friend of my husband's sister prepared dinner for us and served us the pasta that I am sharing with you today.  

It was delicious and he graciously gave me a copy of the recipe that he took from The Splendid Table.  I was very surprised to see that this recipe contained anchovies because I don't like anchovies....or so I thought.  I have made this recipe time and time again and everyone who has it loves it.  I never, ever tell them what the secret is to the delicious pasta sauce.

When added to pasta sauce the anchovies melt into it and add a wonderful, umami that is unrecognizable as these salty little fish that folks either love or hate.  I guarantee that if you serve up this pasta even the most adamant anchovy hater will fall in love with it, just make sure you hide the can well.


  1. Good call! I love adding anchovies to sauces for a burst of saltiness and umami. Thanks for joining me this month.

  2. I have become an anchovy convert myself. I just don't tell anyone they are in there and they seem to love the flavor. Can't wait to try this.

    1. Enjoy Karen and your family will love it too without ever knowing why.

  3. Love tinned anchovies, must try this pasta combo!


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