Wednesday, February 2, 2022

I'm Nut's About You Valentine #NationalSnackFoodMonth

Chocolate and Nut Hearts topped with Sprinkles are sure to make your Valentine's Heart beat with Love.

Chocolate Nutty Hearts

It is National Snack Food Month........
It is also Valentine's Day Month so I decided to share this chocolate nutty heart that you can share with your sweetheart (s).....In my case, I wrapped them up and shared them with my Angel Face and Teen who then shared them with their sweethearts.  Mama and Daddy for the Angel Face and a couple of friends for the Teen.

Chocolate Nutty Hearts

Karen of Karen's Kitchen Stories is hosting our Foodie Extravaganza today and asked us to help her celebrate National Snack Food Month.  This is a great month for Snack Foods.  Between Valentine's Day, Super Bowl and Chinese New Year there is no lack of inspiration.
Let's see what everyone is snacking on........

mixed nuts

I used a mixed nut blend that is touted as being "heart healthy" in keeping with the Heart theme and Valentine's Day.  We recently had a Graduation Party for the Teen.  It started at with an Appetizer Buffet that included these nuts and ended with a Dessert Buffet featuring a Chocolate Fountain.  I had leftovers of both the nuts and chocolate and this was a great opportunity to use some of it up.  

Nutty Chocolate in Molds

I did have 2 of these molds but the Teen and her friends used one of them to make candles or bath bombs or something and, of course, I never saw it again.

Nut clusters
Then I had leftovers of my leftovers so I put them on some parchment and made Valentine's Nut Clusters that I shared with my other sweetheart, Frank.

Nutty Chocolate Valentine Hearts

This is a fun and easy snack to make.  Wrap them up in plastic with a ribbon and a name tag and they make adorable table setting markers for your Valentine Dinner Party.


  1. Amazing treats! Love the sprinkle on top! I love nuts and chocolate and this is a great snack for me.

  2. Funny story about the disappearimg mold. Your little hearts sound delicious.

    1. I am also missing one of the shamrock molds for next see funny....I see frustrating LOL....

  3. Your hearts look and sounds delicious, Wendy! I remember the days of missing stuff when my girls were still at home. Frustrating for sure but, you know what, I'd gladly be back then again.

    1. Yes in the big scheme of life missing molds are small potatoes

  4. OMG! That's absolutely delicious and a perfect valentine gift too Wendy!


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