Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Two Bottles of Lovely Wine from a Lovely Area #WorldWineTravel

 I have invited the members of World Wine Travel to join me in exploring Carinena, Aragon Spain.  Carinena is the most well know wine region in Aragon but I am hoping that some of the group explored other areas.  

Google image of Carinena Spain
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Won't you join us?......
Map of Aragon Spain

Carinena is right in the heart of Aragon which borders France.  The wine from this region is from the Carignan grape, a black skinned variety native to Aragon.  Carignan is normally used as a blending grape with Granache, Syrah and Mourvedre. (Source: Wine Searcher)

I knew virtually nothing about this area prior to this event, however it has much the same terroir as Languedoc-Roussillon in France and uses the same grapes in the wine production.  I'm a little more familiar with Laguedoc and I anticipated that I was going to be very pleased with the wines from Carinena, Aragon.  I was so right.

CARE wine with Chicken Mexican Bake

I bought two bottles of CARE Wine from a local wine distributor.  The first bottle I opened was a 2018 Garnacha Syrah Tinto Sobre Lias.  This wine was light and fruity with a hint of pepper.  Very smooth and well rounded it paired well with a Chicken Mexican Bake.  At only $10 a bottle this wine was a steal.  I have paid twice that for wines that aren't near as nice.

Bodegas CARE is in the heart of Carae, one of the oldest demominations in Spain, where mead was mixed with honey in ancient times. 

CARE wine with Greek Burger

The second bottle I opened was the Garnacha Nativa made from old vines and aged in American Oak for 8 months.  It is 100% Grenache.  This is a deep wine with hints of coffee.  This bottle was much higher priced and I could see that it was a more elegant wine.  I paired it with a Greek Burger and it was lovely but I think I would prefer to buy 5 bottles of the Grenacha Syrah were it still available.

We are all going to get together on Saturday, 5/22, at 11 AM ET to talk about our exploration of this area.  We would love to have you join us on Twitter Chat.  You will find us by following #WorldWineTravel.  Here are the topics we will be discussing......

Hope to see you there!!! Adios for now.


  1. Thanks for hosting! I am really enjoying this deep dive into the wines of Spain. They are so much more affordable than French wines.

  2. These wines really are friendly to the wallet. Thanks so much for hosting this month!
    I had two wines, one that was 100% Garnacha and another that was a blend with Tempranillo. I would call the wines I tasted BIG.
    I am loving traveling Spain virtually with all of you!

  3. How about the value and food friendliness of these wines! Thanks for being our host leader this month Wendy ;-D

  4. It was great you got two bottles of wines from Carinena at a store nearby. I got to drive a little bit as the local ones don't seem to carry wines of this region. They should distribute these wines better in the US as the prices are great for the quality of wines we get.

  5. These sound like amazing finds! I have to say I also really love the labels. I'll have to be on the lookout for these and thanks for hosting.

  6. I knew next to nothing about Aragon before this deep dive - so interesting to learn about these wines. Thanks for hosting!

  7. Always a treat when the $10 wine shows great value!


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