Saturday, May 8, 2021

Celebrating Mothers and Daughters, Female Bonding and the Weekly Menu

Frank is having a CPL class today. Our friend Tamie, who has become like a daughter to us is going into the real estate business and wanted to have a women's only class as a bonding exercize.  I am sharing our menu for breakfast and lunch today.  Frank is on his own for dinner because our eldest, Amy, is taking me on a mother/daughter gathering for dinner and a stage play this evening.


It is a wonderful group of students and I wish Tamie all the very best in her new career......
Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all of my readers a very Happy Mother's Day.  I have lost my Mom, two Mom in Laws and now my friend, Kirsten, who was Mom to everyone but I still have a lot of strong, wonderful women in my life who I love and appreciate each and every day.

On Thursday, Frank is having eye surgery to correct some scarring that occurred when his retina detached last year.  The doc says that it can't be corrected 100% but that it should be a vast improvement.

I am sharing with you our Weekly is hard to believe that May is nearly half over already.  Let's bring on the summertime fun.......

Saturday-CPL Class
See large Menu above

Sunday-Mother's Day
Frank is Cooking

Meatless Monday
Spaghetti a Limone

Taco Tuesday
Big Mac Taco

Chicken Picatta
Pasta Primavera

Baked Beans

Fish Friday
Fried Perch 
French Fries
Cole Slaw


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