Saturday, October 31, 2020

Please join me for Knives Out #FoodnFlix



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I'm excited to be hosting FoodnFlix for the month of November.  FoodnFlix is a fun little group that gets together each month and watches the same movie at their leisure.  Once we watch, we create a dish that was inspired by the chosen film.

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This month I'm inviting you to join me in watching the film, Knives Out.  This film was released last year.  I wanted to go out on a date night to see it but life got in the way and then the pandemic hit.

My sister had gone to see it with her mother in law and they both loved it.  Since I hadn't had an opportunity to see it when it was at the theaters I asked our administrator, Heather of All Roads Lead to the Kitchen, to allow me to host with it this year. 

This movie has a fun cast including Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Chris Evans and Christopher Plummer.  The story starts with an apparent suicide by author, Harlan Thromby, patriarch of a very dysfunctional family.

Daniel Craig plays a Detective who is hired anonymously to investigate the suicide.  He is present during all of the interviews with the entire dysfunctional clan as well as the housekeeper who found the body and the nurse who last saw him alive.

It is a fun, light-hearted whodunit that I hope you enjoy.

If you want to join us this month?  You can learn all the ins and outs of the group at the Participation Page. Basically, you just watch the film.  Create and share a recipe inspired by the film on your blog or instagram page and talk about what inspired you to make said recipe.  Include a link back to this blog and the Food n Flix page and pop me an email at with a cc to with the information of your post and permission for me to use content from it in the roundup post.

Please have your submissions in to me by the evening of November 27th.  That will give me the weekend to work on and have the round-up ready on November 30th.  



  1. Love this movie! Can't wait to see what it inspires in the kitchen. Thanks for hosting, Wendy.

    1. I've already made my dish. There's not a ton of food inspiration but there is enough, I think.

  2. I rewatched it again last week and loved it more the second time around. Can't wait to make something and post!

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