Saturday, November 10, 2018

Let me tell you a Story #WinePW

Once upon a time there were beautiful kingdoms filled with wonderful vineyards that provided amazing wines for all in the kingdom and lands beyond to enjoy.

Image result for francis ford coppola winery napa
Coppola Vineyards courtesy of Google Images

Then, one day, a terrible fire started.  This fire quickly spread over the kingdoms of Sonoma and Napa Valley in the land of California. More fires raged in the far away lands of Chile, Rias Baixus  and Douro.   Many of the townsfolk lost their homes, their pets, their jobs and some even tragically lost their lives.

People from other far away lands felt sad and helpless.  They knew not what to do to help all the poor subjects affected by these terrible tragedies.

Princess Gwendolyn who resides in the Castle Wine Predator had a great idea.  She sent an invitation to all of her fellow townspeople in the land of Wine Pairing Weekend that they support the citizens of these far away lands by purchasing their goods and sharing information about these kingdoms that had survived the fires and were fighting to remain strong and fruitful despite the awful situations that had befallen them.

One lowly maiden who lived on a tiny little Farm in a tiny little village far, far away from the fires was pleased that Princess Gwendolyn had such a lovely idea.  This lowly maiden had a fondness for wines, most especially for those wines from the far off land of California where the fires had done terrible damage.

The lowly maiden sent her husband into town in search of the perfect bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner that night.  The lowly maiden requested a bottle of wine from either the kingdom of Sonoma or Napa Valley in the far off land of California.

The husband loved this maiden very much and his only desire in life was to please her.  So off he went with a smile on his face.  Soon he returned with a lovely bottle of Pinot Noir from Storyteller vineyards where King Francis Ford Coppola reigns.

 The maiden was thrilled with her husbands choice and created a special feast of Roast Pork Tenderloin served over Mashed Potatoes and topped with a lovely Cranberry Jam with Bacon and Onions.

The lowly couple sat down to their humble feast in their tiny little town thousands of miles from the land of California.  They toasted to the resiliency and determination of those living in that land and said a prayer of gratitude that the kingdoms of wineries had been spared complete destruction and are returning to tell their stories with a Happily Ever After ending.

Now please join me as we see what the other loyal subjects are sharing with the rest of the kingdom today.

We will be gathering for twitter chat today at 11 AM ET to talk more about these fire ravaged areas. This is especially important as our family and friends are once again suffering more wildfires in California at this very moment.  You will find us by following #WinePW.


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