Monday, July 10, 2017

Yes, It is Monday and I'm just now sharing the Weekly Menu

This being late sharing the weekly menu seems to be coming a habit for me.  It has been a pretty active summer here so I have to grab the time I have to plan and post.

Saturday was spent visiting with family and friends from out of town.  We hung out at the pool and we had the Grilled Chicken Breasts with Strawberry Butter that had been slated for Thursday but never was made.

Yesterday was a huge gathering of family to welcome Larry and Mary home and to visit with Dian and his family before they head back to Denmark on Saturday.

Today we are just recuperating from the party yesterday.  We may do a little shopping at some of the local stores that we have in the area.  Dinner is going to be leftovers from yesterday.  Mary's friends, Jodi and Kathy, head back to California this afternoon.

Tomorrow we are going into the little town of Lexington and then going to our friend's, the Greens.  I am bringing dinner for us.  It is so nice of Rob and Linda to let us invade their beautiful home on the shores of Lake Huron.  They, Frank, Melody, me, Dian , Helena, Jordan and Mary will be hanging out in town sightseeing and shopping.  Larry, Dawn, Dick and Jackie are taking the Harley's and going to visit my cousin, Louie, while we are doing the tourist thing and then meeting us at the Green's for dinner.

Wednesday we are going to a large outlet mall to hang out during the day. There is a large lego village that I think Melody and Jordan will enjoy.  Thursday we are going to Music in the Park, in Algonac on the waterfront.  I think we will stop at a sub shop on the way and have a picnic dinner.  Friday is Dian's last night and he is taking us all out for a farewell dinner.

So here is the late (again) Weekly Menu....

Grilled Chicken with Strawberry Butter
Pesto Primavera
Grilled Peas and Carrots

Sunday-Family Party
Sloppy Joes
Coney Dogs
Potluck dishes from guests

Leftovers from party

Tuesday-Dinner at the Greens
Mango Gazpacho with Shrimp
Hawaiian Chicken Salad on Baguettes
Pineapple Salsa
Avocado/Cantaloupe Salad

Fajita Burgers
Chips and Guacamole

Store bought Subs for Music in the Park

Out to dinner

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  1. Sounds like some amazing plans. And exhausting!! Enjoy!


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