Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Here's What's Happening on the Farm

Followers of this blog know that Frank and I have been blessed with many foreign exchange students that have become an integral part of our family.  You mostly hear about our Chinese daughter, Tingting, because she lives here with us in the USA and has blessed us with our granddaughter, Melody.

But Tingting wasn't our first exchange student.  In fact, she was the third and was introduced to our family by the second, our Danish son, Dian.  Dian returned to Denmark after his year with us but has kept in touch.  In fact, our fourth exchange student was his sister, Zoey. While Zoey was with us, Dian and their mom, Cindy, came for her graduation ceremony and stayed for a visit.

Dian has grown into a fine young man and met a very nice girl.  They gave us a grandson, Jordan, 10 months ago and had been sending us photos and updates regularly.  You can imagine how jump out of our skin excited we were when he asked if he could bring his family home for a visit.

They arrived 10 days ago and life has been a whirlwind around here.  We have been having so much fun.  Helena is a doll....I don't think Dian could have chosen a better person with whom to spend his life and start a family.  We have gone to Eastern Market, Belle Isle, the Detroit Zoo, the Mariner Titanic Museum, Frankenmuth, the Algonac Pickeral Festival, and the local parks. In between, Dian, Helena and Jordan went to Niagara Falls for a couple of days.

We have spent time catching up and getting to know each other.  Dian has bonded with our Angel Face and, after one full week, Jordan now allows Grammy and Grampy to hold and cuddle him.  We have been entertaining and we have been spending time relaxing poolside, catching our breaths from the constant activity.

We have had a lot of fun and a lot of excitement but the most exciting moment is this one that I am sharing for you from Youtube.

It was such a touching moment and we are so overwhelmed that Dian chose to share this moment with us.  We are thrilled to welcome Helena to the family and are keeping our fingers crossed that Dian's dream of finding a job here upon completion of University comes to fruition.  

Dian and Helena left last night to stay at John and Kirsten's for the remainder of their stay in the USA as Larry and Mary are arriving for the month. Some of Mary's dear friends are also going to be here from CA for a few days and we are looking forward to spending time with all of them.  Big party here on Sunday so stay tuned to hear all about it.  Dian can't wait to introduce his family to Larry and Mary with whom we spent time in California while he was here the first visit.


  1. What a beautiful proposal. I loved so much how touched he was. Tears from a man always make me cry too!!


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