Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thoroughly Tiring Thursday

Wow, what a busy day today.  We got up early and I took Spence to his last TKD camp day.  When I got back I straightened up the house while Frank put the guest room back together.  Then I went up and made the bed and put out the knick-knacks.

Looking into the guest room from the doorway.

And from the other side of the room.

Standing in front of the window.

Then we washed all the windows and door frame in the living room before heading outside to chop down trees, clean off sidewalks and lay brick pavers.

My friend Tami's son, EJ, was dropped off at our house to wait for his mom to get off work and I picked up Spence and EJ's sister, Rachel, from TKD.  The kids kayaked, swam and rode the 4 wheeler.  When we went into the deck box to get towels and life jackets we had a couple of live hornets nests that we needed to spray.  I emptied the deck box and began washing all the towels that it holds, three loads worth.

When Tami picked her kids up, Frank noticed that the pool heater had stopped working.  He called Kurt who stopped in on his way home from another job and  found that a part had burned out.  Frank went on line and found out that the part is going to cost us about $700.  Kurt said the average life span of pool heaters is about 5 yrs.  We have had ours around 7 yrs so I think tomorrow we are going to go price pool heaters to see if we are better off getting the part or getting a new heater.

On that happy note we went out to dinner at Strawberry Fields, a very cool local restaurant with a Beatles theme and then we went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  We all enjoyed the movie very much but it was a sobering movie filled with all the prejudices, misconceptions and anger that result in wars throughout history.

Now we are home watching episodes of Chopped that I had taped and not watched yet.  Spence loves cooking shows....he is a kid after my own heart!!!

Good night all.


  1. My son loves to watch Chopped with me too! And he loves Mystery Diners - not my favorite (because it gets my dander up!), but I always watch with him just in case I need a buddy to watch an Iron Chef or something!!! He's a good prep cook, but probably not a budding chef...sigh...

    1. Isn't it amazing how these cooking shows have become so popular. It reminds me of game shows when I was growing up.

  2. Kayaking is really good for the development of growing kids. Your heater would be much better replaced because you know what happened to us? We repaired part of an older model then two months later the valve needed replacing as well. The newer types such as solar are more energy efficient so the dollars would stay in your pocket longer.

    Benton @ Pool Solar & Spa

    1. We did end up replacing it and now this year will be replacing the pool as well. Thanks Benton.


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