Thursday, July 17, 2014

More Shower Preparations

I finally broke down and hired some people to come in and do my gardens for me.  There was no way that I was going to have them looking the way I wanted before the shower.  The lady I hired, Jackie Cooney, was recommended to me by Dawn's mother in law who had hired her and her crew and was very pleased.  I am thrilled with how my gardens look now.  It was pricey but you get what you pay for and Jackie and her crew of 5 worked their butts off for 2 days.  Jackie will be back on Thursday to make sure that all is perfect for the shower and there are a few more things that Frank and I have to do around the Gazebo but I think you will agree that we are pretty much there.  Be forewarned there are a lot of pics.  I have a lot of gardens hence the inability unwillingness to do this project by myself.

Outside the front side door.

Walking around to the front of the house.

The front porch area.

In the front across the driveway.

Going around the south side of the house.

The south side.

To the back of the house, hot tub area.

The west side of the decks and pool area.

We still have work to do around the gazebo.
We removed a lot of shrubbery and have scattered grass seed.

The other side of the gazebo doorway.

Coming around the east side of the house.

And the sidewalk leading to the east side of the deck.

The east side of the house

Burning bushes on the east side of driveway.

A planter on the second deck

A planter on the top deck.

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