Monday, July 28, 2014

Delivery, Dinner and a Darling Baseball Player

I was very lazy yesterday so today was a busy day.  I got the house back together and loaded up all of the baby shower gifts into the truck to take over to Ting and Tony's.  It took up the entire bed of the truck as well as the back seat.  That baby could be sextuplets and still have stuff to spare!!

On the way to Ting's we stopped and saw Mom.  I never got off my chair yesterday and Saturday was the shower so other family members had been to see her but it had been 2 days since I had been there.  Mom was hanging with her "gang" and content and happy.  I asked her if she wanted to go with us over to Ting's for dinner and she thought that "would be nice", so we brought her along.

Ting lives about 25 minutes from the Memory Care Center.  That was about 20 minutes longer than what suited Mom and she let us know it the entire way!!!

Tingting in her kitchen, slaving over a hot stove to make us dinner.
She made white cut chicken and it was delicious!!

While the chicken cooked, Ting visited with us while Mom and I had a glass of wine.
Ting went back into the kitchen to finish dinner and Mom thought we "should finish up our wine and head on out".  When told we were staying for dinner she was very surprised because she "had no idea".

Since I wouldn't take her home, Mom decided to take a nap!!

After a delicious dinner...Did I say that already???....I was very impressed!!...we headed out and took Mom back.  She was very happy to get home.  I helped her into her nightie, tucked her into bed and she was content as could be....Life is Good!!

Then we headed over to see my great-nephew Gavin's ballgame.  We got there late but in time to see him make a couple of great plays!  He is a neat kid and I always enjoy the time we get to spend with him.  He ran over to us in between innings to let me know that he thought Ting should name her baby Chloe.  I told him I would let her you think I should mention that Chloe is his dog's name too??

Go #11!  My grand-nephew, athlete extraordinaire!


  1. Sounds like a great day... Life is good... !

  2. I think that's high praise for the baby - a boy and his dog...and a BASEBALL boy, at that! He must be quite special! Dirt infield...bummer...I'd be down with a sinus headache today after breathing all that dust.

    1. He is quite special Lisa. He plays until the end of August so I hope to get to see at least one more game.


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