Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some say Tomato, Some say Tomahto, I say Winner!!!

Back on July 13th I entered a giveaway hosted by Heather at It's Yummy to My Tummy.  Heather is part of our Secret Recipe Club community.  SRC is the bomb!!!  Not only is it fun.  Not only do you have access to thousands of great recipes.  It is filled with a bunch of the nicest bloggers you would ever want to meet.  The love and support oozes off their pages.  This morning I learned that I had won the giveaway that was sponsored by Red Gold Tomatoes.  I am very excited....this is the second giveaway, hosted by members of SRC that I have been honored to win.  You can learn about the first one here.

And here is the package that I won.
Thanks again, Red Gold, Heather and Beautiful Assistant.
You really need to check out Heather's blog if only to get your heart melted when you see her Beautiful Assistant, but as long as you are there you may as well take a gander at some of her fantastic recipes!!!

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