Monday, July 28, 2014

It's a Red Gold kinda day

Last week I announced that I was the lucky winner of a Red Gold Summer Grilling Package in a raffle hosted by Heather at It's Yummy for my Tummy.

Just a few minutes ago the UPS guy showed up and delivered my package.  YAY!!!  I love winning things.

I held myself back from tearing it open immediately so that I could take a photo.

Inside was this handy dandy apron and a six pack of tomatoes.
The tomatoes come in 4 different flavors and I am anxious to start experimenting.
They also included some recipes that I may use as guides.
There are 3 different styles of tomatoes...Green Chile, Garlic and Onion and Lime and Cilantro.
My brain is already going non stop with different ideas.
Make sure you tune in for photos and recipes of the dishes I decide upon.
In the meanwhile you can visit Red Gold Tomatoes for great recipe ideas!!
Thanks again Heather and Red Gold, what a great start to my week!


  1. Hey Wendy....this is Loretta (Hicks). How cool is that? It is awesome to win things. How did you win the package and what will you make?

    1. Hi Loretta and welcome to my blog. It was a raffle and I got chosen, yay!! I will probably make several different things since there are so many flavors from which to choose. I will be sure to share whatever I decide upon.

  2. Yippee !! Glad your package of goodies made it safe to you- enjoy! We've made salsa and sauce so far with my sampler package too.

  3. I was told soon after I moved to Texas that the green chili Red Golds were a must for my pantry - and I agree! We use them all the time - and add extra green chili's!!! Can't wait to see and try your recipes.

    1. I think they might get used tomorrow on my BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadillas.


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