Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moving Day!!

Tingting and Tony moved into their own place today.  We spent the day helping and getting them settled.  It is going to be awfully quiet around here.  This will be the first time in 10 years that Frank and I have had our house to ourselves.

Poor Tony had the worst of it. 
He is a big guy to be scrunched up in the back of that truck.

That girl had 2 truckloads worth of stuff crammed into her room and she left another truckload behind!!!  I am very excited to start redoing my upstairs bedrooms.  Ting's room will once again be our guest room and Mom's room will be turned into a nursery with extra sleeping space for additional guests when needed.

On the way down to their new house, I stopped in to see how Mom was doing. 

I found her in the Beauty Salon.
She had gotten her toes and nails done and was waiting to have her do finished.
She thought if she put her hands up like that it would show off her nails.

I left Mom getting her hair combed out and stopped at Chicken Shack to pick up lunch for us.  I phoned Amy and she took her lunch break from work and joined us at the house.  I timed it perfectly, they were carrying in the last boxes as I pulled up LOL.  We had lunch, played around with furniture placement and then headed back here for load #2.  They have all left now to take that load to Ting's house.  

When Frank get's home we are heading to the hardware store to pick up paint and window treatments.  On Monday, Dawn is coming over and teaching me how to use chalk paint.  I have a bunch of mismatched furniture that I am (hopefully) going to have all come together for the nursery.  Stay tuned as I document the room transformation.


  1. Very excited doings, for sure!! We had my son and daughter-in-law move out last fall and it was a bit jarring, for me at least. I love having family live with me. But the natural way of things - and they were married for a short time - just over a year and it was time for them to spread their wings and enjoy independent life - once again. But I do miss them. And someday I will be preparing a nursery I hope - but so far - no luck.

    1. I know, I have been waiting forever for a grandbaby. I am very excited.

  2. So many changes...I get sick to my stomach thinking about my kids leaving someday. I know they will and I will be supportive and happy on the outside, but I think very sad on the inside. I think getting right to the remodel will make it easier and more of a positive than a sad thing. Can't wait to see the pictures.

    1. Thanks Lisa. We went and ordered blinds today and picked up the paint.

    2. It IS hard Lisa when they leave home......but it is even harder when they come back or God forbid their kids come back LOL!

    3. LOL....funny and true Paula....especially when they have been on their own and are used to running their own households.


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