Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Once upon a time.....I was wrong

I have never been so happy to be wrong in my entire life!!!

Last month I began telling you the story of the Kingdom of Klik.  I hope that you link back to it for the whole chapter...as our story ended Good King Frankincense and Queen Mother Wendolyn were concerned that their youngest loyal royal, Princess Fiona of Fair Haven had gotten herself into a family way.  It seemed Princess Fiona had gotten hooked up with some village subjects who were not equal to her station in life and got smitten.

Now that worked out just fine for Prince Charming and Cinderella but they fell in love first and, as far as we know, Cinderella saved herself for marriage.

Now Good King Frankincense was not upset with the Princess because, after all, she did not know any better.  The problem, in Good King Frankincense's mind, was that it was up to the Queen Mother to have kept a better eye on the Princess since it was her decision to find a perfect Prince for her Princess to sire her children.  Queen Mother Wendolyn, in her typical wifely fashion, just smiled at her King and assured him that all would be fine.

Now, Queen Mother Wendolyn put on a great act but inside she was very disappointed and concerned about her Princess because of Fiona's young age.  Queen Mother Wendolyn was also concerned that, once the  mongrel subjects were born, the King would insist on making the Princess barren and she would never be able to give the kingdom little princes and princesses of royal lineage.

So, Queen Mother began researching her Princess's possible pregnancy and learned that the signs and symptoms present in the Princess were quite common after a cycle.  That many Princesses and Mongrels will suffer these symptoms of swollen teats and weight gain because their body mistakenly believes they should have babies.  Queen Mother began to breathe a little easier and just kept an eye on her Princess.  After a few weeks, the Queen Mother noticed that the Princess's teats were not getting any larger, in fact they were shrinking.  Princess Fiona had gained weight but that is because the King and Queen were offering her additional food and bonbons believing that she was eating for ten.

Isn't she just the picture of Innocence??

So all is happiness again in the Kingdom of Klik and the Queen Mother is waiting anxiously to introduce her Princess to the Prince of Biland.

To be continued.........

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  1. Hilarious...maybe there is a writing career for you my friend!

  2. You dodged a royal bullet, Queen Mother! I love your royal kingdom. The best reason I can think of to live in the country. Lots of royal subjects! But my kingdom would be all mongrel...ruled by Her Fluffiness, Queen Sophie the Playful!

    1. Yes I did Lisa and I am very grateful. Mongrels are wonderful too as is apparent in my Bella Girl and Buddy Boy. Fiona is the first purebred I have ever had. I have always chosen rescue dogs but I wanted to try my hand at breeding pups and there are plenty of rescue dogs to go around.

    2. you really are amazing! Chickens and now puppies!

  3. And I'm sure the Queen has been very humble after learning all this

    1. Oh it's hard to be humble when your perfect in every way LOL.


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