Saturday, March 29, 2014

Family Weekend and the Weekly Menu

Today we are having a dinner for Tingting's future in-laws.  I have a special menu that I am making.  We are looking forward to welcoming them into our family.

Tomorrow night we are going to Frank's sister's house.  Mom Klik wants to make us all dinner, so the whole family will be there.

Monday I will be making Vegetable Ndiwo from Malawi.  It is a CRS Rice Bowl Recipe and part of our Lenten Journey.

Tuesday I am trying a new recipe that I found on pinterest by The Recipe Critic.

Wednesday I will be using the rest of my whole chicken to make Chicken Noodle Soup.  We will have this for dinner and then Ting will have leftovers for while we are gone.

Thursday we are Grand Cayman Bound...........YAY.

So here is the weekly menu.  Please stop by each day for recipes and photos.  Looking forward to sharing them with you.

Welcome Dinner-See Full Menu or See Adjusted Menu and Recipes

Dinner by Mom Klik

Vegetable Ndiwo
Steamed Rice

Baked Honey Sesame Chicken
Celery Steak
Steamed Rice
Garlic Green Beans

Chicken Noodle Soup
Beer Bread

That's it for this week and next folks.  I will be in Grand Cayman scuba diving.  I will be in touch with lots of dive pics and info about my trip and maybe even the food I am eating but I won't be posting any recipes until
April 12th!!!!  Of course there will still be many menus available at Menu Plan Monday so make sure to stop in and visit them.

Woooohooooooooo, Sunshine and 80* here we come!!!!

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