Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Time stands still

Mom is home.  I picked her up at Dawn's one hour ago.  Since that time there is a list of heartbreaking conversation that I will share with you on this List it Tuesday.

  1. When I walked into Dawn's, Mom looked at me and asked "Who are you?"  I told her I was Wendy and she replied that I looked different.
  2. When we were leaving Dawn's, Mom became insistent that Dawn should go with us because it was not right that she stay in "those people's house" when they aren't even home.  When told Dawn lived there, Mom replied...Oh, yeah, she wishes!!
  3. On the way home Mom said she was tired.  I replied that I was sure she was as it was a busy day flying home from California.  Mom said, "well, yes, but that was several weeks ago.
  4. Several times, while on the way home, Mom said I better just take her to her house because her husband is waiting for her.
  5. Since we have been home she has asked me 9 times how long I have lived here.  When I reply 13 yrs she is very concerned because she didn't think she had been gone 13 yrs.
  6. She has asked for "our" mother numerous times.  She cannot understand how I could forget that "Ma" has always lived here with us.
  7. When I tried to explain to her that "Ma" has never lived here she pointed to Buddy and asked why her (Ma's) dog was here then.
  8. She just asked me twice more, between #5 and #7, how long I have lived here.  This last time she asked again about Ma and then asked "well what about Dad?".

  9. I was very excited when she looked over and saw my painting that is still waiting to be framed.  She asked if I made it while she was gone.  I replied that I had.  She responded that she loved it, especially the animal in there....it looks so realistic??????

I finally handed her a glass of wine and turned on the game shows.
Welcome Home Mom!!!

I will continue to Thrive at Home.  You can too, please join us.


  1. I feel your pain and today I am sending you a virtual hug! Today my mom told me I was a "real nice lady and she was glad she got to know me." ... heavy sigh... keep writing it down, it eases the sting. Survey says (DING)!

    1. Yes, it does help to talk about it and it really helps to have others who are going through it to share it with. Thanks for the hug, I needed it.

  2. Oh God Bless you Wendy! But you write about it with such humor. Just keep finding the funny in it. Hopefully that will help you through it! I am with Lisa in sending you a virtual hug {{hug}}

    1. We have to laugh Paula or we would spend our days crying. Thanks for the hug....I will take all I can get.

  3. What an act of love to care for your mom in this way. It must be so hard, but God is glorified when we give to those who need it and may never be able to fully appreciate our service to them. Praise God!

    1. Thank you Amy. Taking care of Mom gives me the opportunity every day to realize how blessed I have been and continue to be in this life. God is good...all the time.


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