Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Worshipful Wednesday

Frank had a meeting this morning close to home so he was able to come home and join me for Mass at noon.  Before Mass we stopped at Goodwill and dropped off the clothes and shoes that I had from cleaning out my closet on Monday.

After Mass we visited with Sisters and gave them the leftover Ham and Lentils from yesterday.  I often make extra when I am making stews or soups or casseroles so that I can share it with Sisters or Fathers.  I love having them over but with our schedules it isn't always possible so this is the next best thing I can think of to let them know they are loved and appreciated.

Then Frank and I went to lunch before I had to go to pick up some stuff for the food pantry to drop off when I went in to schedule the appointments for tonight's team of volunteers to distribute.  Frank went home to finish up some paperwork for his unit.

When we were all done with our obligations we decided it would be a perfect day to go see Son of God. This was a real "penance" for Frank because he couldn't have any popcorn with his movie!!!

We thought the movie was very good.  It did, of course, allow for some poetic license but all in all it stuck pretty true to the Gospel of John.  John was the narrator of the story as told by him while in exile and after all the other disciples had been killed for their teachings and beliefs.  I would recommend this as a good movie to see during Lent.

I was very glad when I came home and saw that today's challenge on 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home was to clean freezers because I just did mine so that worked out well since I  had such a busy day. I never did get around to purging 7 items but I was way over on Monday when I cleaned my closet so all is good.

We are Thriving at Home. Stop by and join us!!


  1. Harley is wanting to see Son of God this weekend with a friend. Would you recommend it for a 14 year old? Did Frank give up popcorn for Lent?

    1. Oh, you know, being a cradle catholic my faith is so ingrained that I forget others may not know of our traditions. Traditionally in the catholic faith we fast and abstain on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. That means only 1 full, meatless meal each of those days with the 2 other meals not equaling the full meal and no eating between meals. Hence the no popcorn because it was not part of a meal. And yes I think the movie is fine for a 14 year old. She will be wincing through parts of it as she sees our Lord beaten and crucified but understanding how He suffered for us is what makes our faith so powerful.

    2. Thanks Wendy! I was raised in the Quaker church so I am familiar with some of these traditions but not all of them. You are teaching me a lot about Catholics.

    3. Wow, I think you are the first Quaker I have met. I would love to learn a little about your church. Is that the church the kids attend?


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