Friday, March 14, 2014

Unwelcome Guests!

This morning when I went up to get mom ready for the day I found a BUG on her bed.  BED + BUG = BEDBUGS.  

So I stripped the bed, emptied all the drawers, got out the steam cleaner, started laundry using the sanitize cycle, set off a bug bomb and called my sister to let her know that they brought back bedbugs from the hotel they were diverted to when they missed their connection.

The whole time, Frank kept saying that it looked more like a tick to him.  I gave him a withering look and informed him in my oh so superior voice that there was still snow outside and it was not tick season.

So, being the wonderful man that he is, he jumped in and helped me to take the room completely apart so it could be sanitized from top to bottom.

After this initial panic was over I decided to sit down here and do a little research.

This is a picture of a bed bug.

This is a picture of a tick.

They are too similar for me to determine if it was a bed bug or a tick.  I hope it was a tick because I am used to dealing with them and they do not cause an infestation like bed bugs.  But it may have been a bed bug because they are small and it is hard to determine.  I have not seen any signs of bed bug infestation but Mom has only been home 2 days and I don't know how quickly they breed.

Either way all her clothes will be washed and sanitized before I put them back in the drawers and her room is steamed and sanitized as well so that room is all set for it's spring cleaning!!


  1. Egads! I hope it was not bedbugs!!!

    1. Whatever they were the room is all sanitized and anything that was in there should be dead.

  2. fingers crossed that it was a tick. I know they have bedbug sniffing dogs - a friend of mine who runs a youth camp had to bring them in one summer. who knew? on the bright just made me stop whining about washing towels and bed linens today!!! I am blessed to ONLY be washing towels and bed linens!


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