Friday, March 21, 2014

Fooled again Friday

I know I said that we were celebrating St. Joseph's day today with Polish Food but, once again, I was fooled.  Originally, as I had told you, Frank's cousins from Canada were joining us for dinner and they still are but last night I got a call from Frank's cousin John.  His sister, Kay, is coming into town for the party also and they are free tonight so they are going to join us here too.

We spoke with Roz and she reminded us that she substituted Pierogi for the Pasta on Saturday so I no longer wanted to serve Pierogi tonight.  I was half tempted just to serve pizza but I thought I should do a little better than that for family that traveled so far to honor our Mom.

So as I baked the cookies for the Lenten Fish Fry today I put on my thinking cap and came up with an alternate menu.  I am not feeling particularly energetic today so I decided to hit our local Italian Market and help myself out by allowing them to share my workload.

Fish Friday Menu for out of Town Guests

Antipasti Platter (using prepared foods from the Market's Antipasti Bar)

Caesar Salad

Mushroom Ravioli with Alfredo Sauce (using premade ravioli from the market)
Linguine with Arrabbiata Sauce (using fresh linguine from the market)
Shrimp Scampi

Italian Cream Cake with Almonds (purchased from the bakery at the market)

Yes, it is more expensive (the cake was about 7x what it would have cost me to make it myself) but some days I just don't have as much energy as I need.

I woke up feeling lazy and was quite content to sit here with my coffee and veg in front of the computer. After only about a half hour Mom started stirring.  Then Frank got up and the dogs followed him out of the bedroom and like it or not.  The day had begun.

So I started the cookies for the Fish Fry.  I was originally going to make these wonderful cookies I had seen on my friend, Amy's, blog but it would have required me running out to the store and I was too lazy so I just made Toll House Cookies because I had everything I needed on hand.

The good thing about making Toll House Cookies is.....

Keeping any that are not perfectly shaped at home to munch on!!

Then I finished up the laundry that I do for one of the ladies at church and ironed the church linens that I had washed yesterday.  Straightened up the house so that Tamie could clean unhindered and I was off and running.  

First stop was at the recycling center to drop off several batteries that have been gathering dust in the garage. From there I went and dropped off the laundry I had done, shot to the church and dropped off the cookies and linens, stopped at the cleaners and dropped off Frank's suit.  The cleaners is next door to our chiropractor so I ran in and got an adjustment.

Then I headed to the Randazzo's Italian Market for all the goodies for our meal tonight.  On the way home I stopped and got the car a bath and then dropped in at Anchor Bay Scuba to pick up our packet for Grand Cayman.....13 more days!!!!!!

Now I am home, my house is spotless and smells amazing (have I mentioned that I LOVE Tamie??).  I have a couple of hours to relax and blog before it is time to start preparing dinner.  Life is Good even if it does fool me every once in a while chance it gets!!

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