Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Twisted Tuesday

We got a call late last night that Mom and Dawn's flight was delayed out of California, which in turn, caused them to miss their connection in Phoenix to Detroit.  Dawn said the airline was very helpful and had arranged a room for them, but she really had her hands full trying to handle all the luggage and Mom too.

When they got to the room and settled in, Dawn posted that after she installed Mom in the room and ran down to get the rest of their luggage she told Mom she would be right back and to wait for her. Silly Girl!!  Sometimes, even now, we forget Mom's limitations.  Of course, she came back to find Mom wandering the halls looking for her.  It's so difficult because Mom is still quite intelligent so we assume she understands what we say to her.....and she does....until she forgets what you said to her. It is a very frustrating disease and I am glad that my sister posted this photo showing big smiles from the both of them.  It made me feel much better.

So plans have changed for me today.  I will call Nancy in a little while to let her know that she will not be needed.  Then I will go and assist with the backpack program.  I am sure they will welcome the help.  Dawn is supposed to call sometime this morning to let me know if they are going to need to be picked up from the airport since their arrival time has changed.  So I may or may not be heading down to the city.


  1. Bless your heart! No matter how long you live with it and how "logically" you know it in your head - it's still hard to put the intelligence together with the total loss of short-term memory. Glad they are okay and smiling!


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