Friday, March 21, 2014

Whirlwind Weekend and the Weekly Menu

Today is Mom Klik's Surprise Birthday Celebration.  We don't think she suspects at all.  We have told her that the hall in which we are having her party is having a Polish dinner dance that we want to take her to for her birthday.  She is expecting Dan, Rebecca, Danielle, Roz and Ron to meet us there.  We figured if she thought she is going to a dinner dance she won't be suspicious of all the cars that are in the lot.  We think it is going to work.  I will let you know how it goes and hopefully have some great pics to share.

Sunday the 8th grade students from our Parish are making their Confirmation.  Mass is at 9:30 and we will be singing for them.  Our relatives from Canada who joined us for dinner on Friday, will be coming over to join us at Mass and then we will be going out for breakfast before they head home.  In the afternoon I am going to be putting together some lasagna for one of my volunteers from the food pantry who just had emergency surgery. I will make two and we will have that for dinner also.

Meatless Monday I am going to serve Corn Chowder that I put up during the summer months.

Tuesday we are going to have a date night.  There are two new restaurants that just opened in our community so we will go to one of them for Try it Tuesday.

Wednesday is Soup and Scripture for me.  I am going to make a crock pot meal for the rest of the family.

Thursday, Dick and Jackie will be joining us for dinner so they can visit with Mom while we go to choir.

We are going to finally try to make it to the Parish Fish Fry on Friday.

Taco Pie

Mom Klik's Party


Meatless Monday
Corn Chowder 
Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

Try it Tuesday
Date night

Swiss Steak over Egg Noodles

Taco Pie

Fish Friday
Parish Fish Fry

Join us at MPM for many great menu ideas.

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