Monday, March 17, 2014

Moaning on Monday

UGH....I think I overcelebrated yesterday.  I awoke at 4 this morning and spent the next three hours in the bathroom.....Don't ask what I was doing in there.....Perhaps I was reading!

At least I know it wasn't food poisoning because nobody else seems to be suffering as I did.  That is a big relief...I would have hated to have poisoned all my loved ones!!!

Seriously, dinner was delicious, the company excellent and we celebrated and toasted many happy events...St. Pat's Day, Mom's homecoming, Ting and Tony's baby and Dick's birthday.  We had a wonderful time!

I thought the table was lovely.
I don't have much in the way of St. Pat's Decorations.

So I made do with what I did have.

After my little episode this morning, I went back to sleep until Frank woke me to go get our taxes done.  Of course, we have to pay.  Then, on the way home Frank got a call from the airplane mechanic and of course, it is going to cost us a lot more than we had anticipated.  On a good note, we also got a call from Tony and he GOT THE JOB!!!!!  Yay, our baby is not going to be a pauper!!!

When we got home, I took a little nap. When I awoke I was feeling much better so I finished cleaning up downstairs so it is ready for our yoga class tonight.  During yoga, Frank is making us dinner from Guatemala tonight so stop by later and I will post how he did.

Hope your St. Patrick's Day Monday is perfect or if not perfect...then may God grant you the ability to see the humor through the trials.


  1. Your table looks festive! I need the blessing to see humor through the trials. I shopped with Harley today for clothes. So I am in great need of some humor!!!!

  2. Ugh....I hate shopping. You have my sympathy but at least you got out of the house for a while and had some time with Harley.

    1. Shopping with a teenage girls isn't very relaxing. But I did get out!!


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