Friday, March 21, 2014

Cones and Cars...

We were able to take THE CONE off of Buddy today.  He is very happy but I don't think he is quite as happy as I.  You wonder why this is?  Let me tell you.  Since Buddy boy came home with that cone on his head, I have answered the question "why is that thing on his head" approximately 982 times.  That does not include all the times Frank answered it and Dick and Jackie answered it last night while we were at choir.

It also does not include how many times I would have to drop everything I was doing and run to wherever Mom was when I heard her call for Buddy so she could "take that thing off his head".

Now the next goal is to get Ting and Tony home because Tony left his car parked in front of the house when they left for Florida.  I think we have answered the question "Whose car is that?" at least 3 times as often as we answered about the cone on Buddy's head.

When Tony gets home I am going to KICK HIS BUTT!!  And then I am going to change something in this house and leave him and Ting home watching Grandma while I go out for a few hours so that they can answer the same question 430 times.  This will not be out of spite mind will simply be a way to reinforce the message that they should never leave a car parked in front of the house for a whole week ever again!!

Oh and by the way...she also would like to know where this dog came from.
She has never seen it before in her life!!


  1. Oh my! Wendy I don't know whether to laugh at this post or to drop to my knees and pray for you. Can I do both and the good Lord will know that I am serious. I am so thankful in so many ways that Richard is not suffering with this type of dementia. I am not sure that I could handle it. The duct tape just might come out

    1. Duct tape.....Great idea Paula.....I knew I liked you for a reason LOL.

  2. You doggie looks very happy to have the "Cone of Shame" off. And here's Hoping that you got out for your sanity hour. We were friends with a couple in the Rockhounds, one of whom had dementia. She had to tell him that she would answer a question 13 times and no more. She would tell him that he had asked a question that many times and gently ask him to ask her something else. It's a cruel disease. Hugs to you.

    1. Thanks Zippi. The pup in this post was not the dog with the cone. We have 3 dogs....we are gluttons for punishment LOL.


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