Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Here is what's happening on the Farm on the 8th Day of Christmas

Amy and I started the 365-mile hiking challenge for the New Year.  We decided that since we needed to get ready for the AT in the fall we may as well get a tree planted for our efforts.  Today she and I went for a hike on the St. Clair Nature Trail near her house and then we met up with the guys for lunch.

Hiking Trail Scenery

We have 4 more days of Christmas to celebrate.  Frank is holding a CPL class on Thursday so tomorrow I will be hitting the grocers for the items I need to prepare a light breakfast for the students.  Tomorrow night is our first choir practice of 2024.  

Friday will be spent preparing for our Little Christmas celebration on Saturday and then "poof".....Christmas is over.  It has been a very joyous and happy holiday season here in the Klik household and I hope 2024 finds all of my readers in good spirits and good health.  

Enjoy these last days of Christmas!!! 

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