Friday, August 11, 2023

PBJ and Gewurtz? Say What?!! #WinePW

I normally enjoy my PBJ sandwiches with a large glass of cold milk.  It had never occurred to me to have wine with my comforting, casual lunch.  But then Robin of Crushed Grape Chronicles invited the members of the Wine Pairing Weekend group to experiment with unusual white wine pairings.

PBJ and Wine

I was making my lunch one day and remembered this challenge.  "Why not?" I thought.  I often use peanut butter in savory recipes with which I pair wine and wines are often enjoyed with desserts so I didn't see why wine couldn't pair with a PBJ sandwich.  

Gewurtztraminer Wine

I knew that I wanted a wine that had a little sweetness in it.  I went into my wine fridge and found a bottle of Gewurztraminer from Cooper's Hawk Winery.  I have a membership with Cooper's Hawk and often enjoy this wine with Asian Food so had bought a bottle to bring home.

Unfamiliar with Cooper's Hawk?  You can learn more about the concept and winery in the post where I paired their Super Tuscan with a Chicken Parmesan Casserole.  

You can learn more about Cooper's Hawk Gewurztraminer by visiting this page on their website.  I found it interesting that while Gewurztraminer sounds German it was actually first made by a German-speaking community using grapes from Alto Alidge in Italy.  

The grapes for this bottle by Cooper's Hawk were grown in San Bernabe, California.  The wine is spicy-sweet and paired pretty well with the Peanut Butter and Blueberry Jam sandwich I was enjoying.  Will I drink wine regularly with my PBJ?  Probably not, but it was a fun experiment.

Stop by and take a look at what foods the others are pairing with their white wines this month. 

Just a funny little aside to this story.  When I was submitting my title post for Robin on our Facebook page I copied and pasted, inadvertently leaving off the P.  Luckily, I caught my mistake before it got put into the list above as BJ and Gewurtz? Say What?!!!

The Wine Pairing Weekend crew is trying a new chat format this month using Threads.  I'll update you on how that works out.  Threads does not use hashtags so we're not sure how you can find our thread other than looking one of us up.  Hopefully, we will work out the kinks this month and have more info for you next month.


  1. Haha. That would have been quite a pairing. LOL. I am not a big sandwich person, but my mother-in-law gave me a jar of homemade elderberry jam when we were visiting. I might have to make PBJ for lunch today.

  2. What fun! PB&J with sweet Lambrusco is on my list but I never thought to try with Gewuerztraminer.

  3. I love this pairing! What a perfect way to spice up a PB & J lunch!

  4. I do not often have PB&J sandwiches or Gew├╝rztraminer, but I love experimenting with pairings! To food and wine adventures.

  5. P B and J looks very nice.


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