Wednesday, December 22, 2021

My Grape Paris Book Review and The Christmas Week Menu

I'm going to be sharing my Christmas Day Menu with you today along with the rest of the week.   I am not serving Ham this Christmas but if you are and you are looking for a way to use up some of the leftovers, this quiche is exactly the recipe you need.  It is quick and easy, using store bought pie dough and canned cream soup.  It turns out perfectly any time and it is always a hit.

Ham and Cheese Quiche

So the premise of this quiche is you take one can of cream soup, any flavor you wish.  Meat of choice, vegetable of choice, cheese of choice, 4 eggs, light cream and a pie crust and you can have any flavor quiche you want, knowing that it will turn out perfectly.

I was inspired to make this quiche when I had some leftover ham from an earlier holiday celebration.  I was reading the fourth book in a series of memoirs by Laura Bradbury titled My Grape Paris and the first meal they are served upon return is quiche made by her fiance's meme.

My Grape Paris

In this book, Laura and her fiance return to France where they met when she was a high school exchange student.  She is now in university and is spending another year attending in Paris studying literature.

When they first arrive they are staying with her fiance's cousin, whose wife serves them their grandmother's quiche while proudly wearing lingerie from Fredericks of Hollywood.  The entire scene made me laugh out loud.  There are several more books in this series but I am taking a break from them as I read some of the books required for my book clubs.

This book documents the year in Paris and the difference between Parisians and the French people she had come to know and love while staying in Burgundy.

I can't believe that Christmas is in three days!!!  I do have my menu figured out and am planning on going for the groceries today after we are done distributing Christmas Baskets for our Food Pantry.  

Friday we will be enjoying Wigilia ( A traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner that is meatless) at Frank's brother's home.  I am serving up Polish food for Christmas this year as well.  Our son in law's parents are in town from France so they and their other son's family will be joining us for dinner this year.  

Christmas Menu

We celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas in our home. The day after Christmas is the first day.  We will be celebraing at Frank's sister's house with dinner.  

Monday, the second day of Christmas, will find us lounging around in pj's all day, eating leftovers and recouping for the next round of festivities.  Those start on the 3rd day of Christmas with a wine tasting dinner with friends at Coopershawk Winery and Restaurant.  

On the 4th day of Christmas we are inviting my brother and his wife over for a casual dinner.  Nothing scheduled for the 5th day of Christmas and I think that New Years Eve will be spent with our neighbors. 

So here is our Weekly Menu.  I hope that all 12 Days of Christmas bring you much joy, peace and happiness.

Saturday-Christmas Day
See large Menu above

Dinner at Roz's


Wine Dinner at Coopershawk

Wednesday-Dick and Jackie
Tiger Salad
Terriyaki Ribs
Japanese Rice
Kahlua and Cream Cake

Ground Chicken Noodle Soup

Friday-New Years Eve
Roast Pork with Grapes
Hoppin John
Corn Bread

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