Friday, December 31, 2021

Celebrating New Years Eve on the 6th Day of Christmas

Another year is in the books.  It was a very tough year for so very many of us.  I, for one, am very happy to celebrate the end of this year and I pray that the New Year is better for all of us.

Goodbye 2021

We don't usually do anything for New Year's Eve but I am so excited to see this year end that I am having guests over to help us celebrate.  

I am serving up all the foods that promise to bring us Good Luck in the New Year because God knows we need some relief from the grief and loss of this past year.

2022 Menu

I am starting off with a charcuterie platter that will include pork products, nuts and grapes, all of which are believed to bring luck to those who eat it.

This will be followed by a Tiger Salad, so named because the different shades of green are thought to resemble tiger stripes.  This is a salad that is often enjoyed for Chinese New Year which is coming the beginning of February.

We are then returning to the pork and grape theme.  Pork symbolizes wealth and prosperity.  We have all heard the expression "living high on the hog" and grapes are believed to ward off evil and bad luck. Of course, we will be pouring wine with dinner because the more grapes the better!

Hoppin' John is a southern dish traditionally eaten to ring in the New Year.  It promises good fortune in the New Year containing both black eyed peas and pork.

Corn bread with it's golden color represents gold coins and the Joconde is an almond cake filled with berries. The almonds and the round fruits both symbolize good luck for the New Year.  

I hope that you enjoy your 6th Day of Christmas celebration and that the New Year brings many blessings to you and yours.  Thanks for sticking with me through this difficult year.  I look forward to spending 2022 with you.


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