Saturday, January 19, 2019

Eating and Drinking Responsibly #FrenchWinophiles

We are researching and sharing Bio-Dynamic Wines from France.  I happened to be lucky enough to still have a bottle of  Jean Baptiste Adam,  Les Natures Cremant de Alsace, that had been provided for another event in the past.  As always, all opinions and thoughts are completely my own.

Join the French Winophiles in their exploration of Bio Dynamic Wines.

I must be honest here and tell you that I am not very familiar with Bio Dynamic wines, especially those from other countries.  I was a little nervous when Gwendolyn of Wine Predator chose this as our topic this month.  I felt a little better after reading her Preview Post.

The bottle I chose to share today didn't have the markings of which Gwendolyn spoke but this website states that:
"In 2003, he embraced the practices of biodynamic agriculture wholeheartedly. In keeping with the family tradition of leading, Jean-Baptiste is now considered one of the leaders of biodynamic farming practices in Alsace."
I figured that was as good as the markings and besides, I couldn't find any wines in my area stores that would be considered Bio Dynamic from France.

Eating with respect to the seasons, the earth, the environment and the locale is very important to me.  I shop the local farmers markets when in season.  I use a CSA.  I buy my meats from local farmers.  I raise my own eggs.  I keep an eye on the Monterey Bay Fish Guide when buying fish and seafood.

So I really like this idea of having wine that is also earth friendly and responsible.  I will be keeping an eye out for Bio Dynamic wines and I look forward to learning more about them today during our twitter chat at 11 AM ET following #winophiles.

I served this delicious, bright, sparkling wine with cod poached in olive oil.  The wine is fruity and light. It paired amazingly well with the buttery cod.  Cod is on the okay list as long as it is caught in the USA.  Served up with organically grown vegetables, simply prepared, it made for the perfect dinner.

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    1. Aha! Yes great minds... I feel like there are many wineries looking to grow in a more natural way and that many are working toward biodynamic. Having the certification is great and in the marketplace it is wonderful. Even better is knowing the person behind the product, the small winemaker who is growing with organic and biodynamic techniques, who may not have the money or time for the certification, but is someone that you trust. Ah that all of our food, beverages and for that matter everything could be done this way! It sounds like you are well on your way to that, and I appreciate that and draw inspiration there!

    2. "I love your honesty Wendy, and that cod poached in olive oil! As more people express interest in organic and biodynamic wines, hopefully more wineries will take it on and they'll be easier to identify."

      Take care,

      Lynn Gowdy

    3. I agree with your take on buying and supporting your local farmer. Organic and biodynamic wines are a natural progression from the growing popularity of the organic food movement. Hopefully, with time biodynamic wines will be more available and easier to find.

    4. Everything looks delicious as usual. I'm similar in that I try to do the best I can to shop at the farmers market and eat responsibly. It's nice when the wines can fit into a similar ethos. The point you make that it can be hard to find wines with the certifications is a good one. Also many wineries (like this one) do the best they can to farm responsibly but for one reason or another don't or can't afford to get the certification, so I think you're right to go with the site's assertion in it's place.

    5. Great wine choice! That’s a delicious bottle... I bet the pairing would be a treat any time of year. Thanks for sharing!


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