Monday, January 28, 2019

A virtual trip to Provence, France #Winophiles

Please join me and the French Winophile group this month as we travel to Provence....if only in our dreams.....

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I am hosting this month's French Winophile group.  I was pretty excited and I asked the others to join me in exploring the wines of Provence.  We have visited Provence in the past but we normally discuss Rose wines from Provence which are very popular, easy to find and absolutely delicious.

This time I asked that we try to seek out other types of wine from Provence and I also offered those who wished to join me an opportunity to read and get inspiration from Peter Mayle's, A Year in Provence.

My niece and nephew own a wonderful bookstore called Blue Vase Book Exchange.  They generously offered to sponsor this month's event and provided me with 15 copies of the memoir to share with the others.  Several of them had already read the book.  Many of us are reading it for the first time.

Blue Vase Book Exchange specializes in on line book sales for those hard to find titles.  They also, as their name implies, open their warehouse each weekend for customers who want to buy or exchange books.  They have thousands of titles and each book is only $1 or you can fill up an entire grocery bag with children's books for only $10.   

March is reading month.  Blue Vase Book Exchange provided over 200 books, free of charge, to our Parish school.  Blue Vase Book Exchange provides books to many charitable organizations both local, country-wide and internationally.  

I think the most important thing that Blue Vase Book Exchange does is to save our Planet by keeping millions of books out of landfills.  They accept books from anyone who wants to drop them off for recycling.  You can learn all about Blue Vase Book Exchange on their About Us page and on their Facebook page.

I welcome you to join us on February 16th, 11 AM ET, when we all meet up for Twitter chat following #Winophiles.  We will have our posts up and will be discussing what foods we made, what wines we chose for the pairings and what we thought of the book.  


  1. Thank you for hosting...and for the book! I can't wait to share my thoughts, my wine, and my pairing.

  2. I really enjoy Peter Mayle's books. He's incredibly good at describing food experiences.

  3. I’m super excited to join for the first time! I love this book!


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