Thursday, October 12, 2023

Cruising the Nile and visiting Temples


Aswan Airport

Our Egyptian Holiday continued on Day 4 with a flight from Cairo to Aswan.  Our tour group met us at the airport and took us to Philae Temple before we got to the Cruise Ship to enjoy lunch.

Philae Temple

The temples are amazing and we "read" the hieroglyphics that tell the story of the temple and its purpose and history.  Each temple has its own story.  

Philae Temple

The cruise ship was lovely and we were all starving and more than ready to enoy the scrumptious lunch they had prepared for us.

Lunch on Nile Cruise

Our group had the entire Nile Cruise Ship to ourselves.  The staff was extraordinarily welcoming and accommodating.  It was another blisteringly hot day, so while the some went on a shopping tour to Nubian Village, we stayed back and I enjoyed a massage while Frank visited with others at the pool.

Day 5 was spent visiting more temples and the Crocodile Museum.  It was another blisteringly hot day and while I enjoyed the Museum (it was air-conditioned) the temples all started to blend together for me.  They are interesting, however, I could have done with seeing yesterday's temple and just reading about the Kom Ombo and Edju Temples.  They all tell a different story but are basically rocks, carvings, sculptures, and hieroglyphics.

Crocodile Sarcophagus

Crocodiles were deities of the Egyptians and, as such, were buried and mummified in a sarcophagus.  It was a very interesting tour.

Temple of Edfu

It was 117* out this day and the Temple of Edfu nearly did us in.  Can you tell??  This is also the day the first of the group started getting ill.  I think we all succumbed to the lack of sleep, extraordinary temperatures, and trying to fit 2 weeks of tours into 1 week. 

couple on cruise ship

It was very nice to be back on the cruise ship to relax and recoup as we traveled from Aswan to Luxor.

Women by pool

I enjoyed all the tours and learned a lot but my favorite times were those spent with friends, relaxing, and visiting by the pool.

sailing the Nile

Day 5 we swapped out the big boat for a smaller one as we headed to Valley of the Kings, the Temple of  Queen Hatshepsut, and Colossi of Memnon. 

Colossi of Memnon

There were shopping stalls to walk through as we headed to Valley of the Kings.  Let the bartering begin.

Shopping stalls

Here is Grampy modeling a hat that I bought for the Angel Face.  I bartered down the price to half of what was being asked and still think I paid too much LOL.

man in kid's hat

It was a jam-packed week as you can see.  The following day we had a 4-hour bus ride to the Red Sea to hop upon the yacht that was to become our home for the remainder of the trip.  Stay tuned for that week of our adventure.

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