Saturday, April 22, 2023

Hopefully Spring is Back to Stay; Either Way....Here is the Weekly Menu

So last week we had summer and winter here in Michigan.....not only in the same week but on the same day.  As I sit and plan next week's menu I am not sure what to expect.  Hopefully Spring will return and stick around for a while.

Kirsie and I

Tonight we are having a Mass for my dear friend Kirsten who passed away from COVID on April 26, 2021.  We will go have dinner out afterwards.

Tomorrow we are celebrating our daughter, Jessica's Birthday with a family dinner.  Her birthday is actually on Monday but we will be attending a Caymus Wine Tasting at J Baldwin's with the Bonacorsis and the Luths.

The rest of the week remains to be seen.  A lot will depend on the weather.  Hoping to get some hikes in.  Whatever we end up doing....we have to eat.....Here's the Menu.

Out to dinner after Kirsten's Mass

Sunday- Jessica's Birthday Dinner
Hot Honey Garlic Wings
Chinese Hot Pot
Lavender Lemon Birthday Cake with Mixed Berry Gelato

Wine Tasting Dinner

Smoked Sausage and Potato Skillet

Pork with Apples and Raisins (moved from last week)

Chicken with Mushrooms
Brown Rice and Quinoa
Glazed Carrots

Fish Friday
Brown Rice and Quinoa
Steamed Green Beans


  1. Prayers for you and your good friend, I know it will be a hard day for you. Your weekly menu looks so delicious as usual.

    1. Thanks Cathy. Loss is hard for all of us. Anniversaries stir up a lot of feelings.


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