Friday, April 27, 2018

Status of the Remodel and the Weekly Menu

The remodel is coming along.  We now have walls awaiting the windows and doorwall.   The electrical is all run so that they can start on the inside of the room.  The outside only needs the siding installed.

They have still not been able to start on the roof.  For those coming late to the game, we are remodeling a Sunroom Addition that had been put onto our home prior to our purchasing it.  It is a nice, large room but not very practical for Michigan weather. 

We decided to tear down the outside walls and replace them with stick built.  We are keeping a good number of windows so we will still have the view, but adding more walls and insulation (as well as better windows) to assist with temperature control.

The room prior to this remodel was definitely an addition.  After the remodel, the French doors leading from the rest of the house to the addition will be removed and the room will just flow from the kitchen.  It will become a room that is used daily instead of occasionally.

Back to the roof....when Frank was tearing down the paneling so that drywall can be installed, he discovered the flashing around the chimney had not been installed properly.  You could see daylight through our roof.....Not a good thing.

It is going to be an expensive fix.  That is the reason for the delay.  It looks like our insurance is going to cover this damage.  Woohooooooo....this has me doing a happy dance!!!  So the roof repair had to wait for the adjustor and now we are waiting for his determination which promises to be positive.  

The roofer is scheduled to begin work on Monday.  Once the roof is fixed then the siding, gutters, windows and doors can be installed.  Then the work on the inside can begin in earnest.  I think we are looking at another couple of weeks but it is going to be well worth it.

In the meanwhile.....because this is taking longer than anticipated, all the stuff we had all over our house is now in the garage.  This is necessary because we are having family dinner on Sunday to celebrate Frank and Tingting's birthdays.

Speaking of Tingting, she uses the name Jessica with everyone other than those of us who knew and loved her from the very beginning.  It is very difficult for me to remember to call her Jessica but I am making a valiant effort.  So, from this day forward, I will be referring to her in my writings as Jessica or, of course, the Mama.

On to the Weekly Menu.  Last Tuesday we ended up going out for dinner so those Enchiladas are moved to this week.

Our Little Miss will be home from vacation and staying with us Sunday and Monday nights.  Other than that our life will revolve around this remodeling project.  

Here is our Weekly Menu. This week our menu includes lunches as we are feeding the work crew.

Please stop by to visit each day.  We are celebrating Brunch Week in addition to my regular monthly groups so there is going to be a ton of recipes shared each day.

Out for dinner

Sunday-Birthday Celebration
Chips and Salsa
Mexican Hamburgers
Easy Tex Mex Enchiladas
Grilled Corn Salad
Black Bean and Mango Salad
Hibiscus Margaritas
Cake by Amy

Melody Monday

Refried Beans

Lunch-Tamales (using leftover Carnitas)

Lunch-Hot Chicken Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken Breasts
Steamed Broccoli

Lunch- Michigan Grilled Chicken Salad

Pork and Green Chile Stew

Lunch-Leftover Stew

Out for dinner

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