Saturday, June 18, 2016

Domaine Daulney 2015 Sancerre for #FrenchWinophiles

This month, The French Winophiles, are exploring the Central Loire Valley.  I must admit that I am pretty lost when it comes to geography.  I barely have the US in hand, let alone France.  So the first bottle of wine I bought from Loire Valley was not from the Central region.  It was okay.  The wine didn't go to waste.  We drank it, we enjoyed it and we got to buy another bottle of wine.  This time from the correct region (I hope).

I bought a Domaine Daulney Sancerre on the advice of the woman in the wine store that said she thought it was the best value they had for the price.  I paid $22 for the 2015 vintage produced from vines that are 40 years old by Etienne Daulney.

I was told by the purveyor that this was a very dry wine with pineapple on the forefront.  I couldn't find anything on the internet regarding the 2015 vintage.  The 2014  was described as "warm wet slate and grapefruit" by Taurus wines.

The wine pours very pale yellow and the first nose is one of freshly mown grass.  It is quite dry and acidic.  I did not taste pineapple on the forefront.  Much too tart for pineapple.  I thought it was more of a citrus flavor with a grassy finish.  Maybe even a little buttery afterthought.

I served it up with a Poached Cod on Wilted Spinach with a Warm Blueberry Vinaigrette.  I wasn't sure about the pairing.  Here is the conversation that ensued.

Wendy- I think that perhaps the wine is too dry for this dish.  Maybe I made the vinaigrette too sweet.
Frank- I like the vinaigrette.  You wouldn't want a sweet wine with this dish.
Wendy- I wasn't thinking sweeter, just maybe a little less acidic.  I guess I'm wondering what you think of this pairing.
Frank- Let's have another glass of wine.  The more we drink the better the pairing will be.
Wendy-That's a lot of help (as I pour more wine)
Frank- I'm kidding.
Wendy- Too late now, it's going on the blog.

For what it's worth.  Frank was right, the wine got better suited to the dish during the second glass LOL.

I personally think this wine would pair much better with a buttery lobster tail or perhaps a fish with a buerre blanc.  I think the fruitiness of the salad competed with the wine.  That being said, the wine bottle was empty by the time dinner was done so it couldn't have been too bad.

I will be sharing my Dinner recipe with you on Monday during the Crazy Ingredient Challenge. I hope to see you again then.  In the meantime, stop by all my friends who belong to The French Winophiles and see how their pairings turned out.

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  1. I am so glad you found a Sancerre Wendy. It sounds delicious; especially with your cod!

  2. I have conversations just like that with my husband!! LOL. Glad you joined us and I can't wait to see your blueberry vinaigrette recipe.

    1. It's nice when they have a good sense of humor about food convo's, food photos and food tastings.

  3. Good call on the pairing, Wendy! Traditional advice would say the wine needs to be at least as sweet as the dish, or else it will taste bitter. Of course, another glass of wine always helps!

    1. It certainly did Jeff and I will keep that advice in mind for future pairings.

  4. LOL! I loved hearing about what you guys thought of the wine!!

    1. One thing about this blogging stuff Paula is it does expand our horizons a bit.

  5. I'm dying with laughter over Frank's comment about the more you drink the better it will be. So true!!! I find the wine or the food, or both improve the more we drink!

    1. Hah....I tell him that the conversation immproves the more wine I drink too.


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