Friday, June 3, 2016

The hard work is done, the house is listed

Our home is officially on the market today.  You can see the listing here.  It has been a wonderful home for the last 15 years and putting it on the market is bittersweet. This will, hopefully, be our last move.  We keep reminding ourselves that every move we have made we thought we would miss the house we had been in and this has never come to pass.  We have learned that the building in which you live is just a house, that it is the occupants and the love that makes it home.  That being said we still worry that we are going to miss this house LOL.  We will be taking so many great memories along with us to the new home.

Now it is just a waiting game.  The biggest problem will be making sure the dogs are out of the house when people come to see the house.  We are hoping it goes quickly as we have already put a deposit on another house that we really like.  It meets every single one of our criteria and that is not an easy task.  You can read about this house here.

The good news is that things will slow down around here a little bit.  We worked nonstop for a week gettting the house ready to be shown and having a garage sale to gather up the stuff you accumulate in 15 years time.  All that is left to do is to pack up the stuff that didn't sell and donate it.  Hopefully this will be completed today.

Our son, Tony, and Frank's brother, Dan, are here this morning.  Tony is picking up a curio cabinet that he would like for his house and Dan is taking the treadmill and pinball machine.  The piano sold and we are waiting for the new owners to make arrangements to pick it up.  The organ and a solid oak tv stand, no longer suitable for the new flat screen televisions are going onto Craig's list.  Free to a good home as long as they move them.

Tonight we are being taken out to dinner by friends who want to celebrate Frank's retirement.  One of the guys retired from his department and took Frank's position at the Labor Council and the other is the Union President of his department.  We are looking forward to spending an enjoyable evening.


  1. I hope you have a fun evening! I would love to have that oak TV cabinet for one of the kids' rooms Too bad you live so far away!!

  2. I hope everything goes smoothly for you with the sale of your house! It sounds like your garage sale went well. I will keep my fingers crossed, say a few prayers and send good wishes your way!


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