Monday, June 6, 2016

Fruity Refreshing Rum Punch Recipe to Enjoy on those Hot Summer Nights

We had our dive family over last night for a seafood boil.  I will be sharing more about that with you later but today I want to share Frank's recipe for Rum Punch.  He made 2 gallons of punch for the party and only a half gallon is left so I think they were successful.  We are going to Amy's for dinner tonight and will take the last half gallon there to share with them.

I am going to share the measurements you need to make 1/2 gallon or to fill my seashell punch bowl.

Rum Punch
courtesy of Frank

1 container orange pineapple concentrate
3 containers of water
2/3 container of coconut rum
1/3 container of dark rum

Combine all ingredients. Mix well.  Serve over ice.  Print Recipe


  1. I have fond memories of Rum Punch from a party cruise Richard and I took off the coast of Martinique in the 90's. We were "drunk" on love and punch!! We danced in a twist contest and WON! What did we win?? A bottle of Rum Punch to take back to the ship with us. Nastiest stuff I ever drank!! LOL Yours sounds delish

    1. LOL...glad I could remind you of a happy time. Food memories are the best.


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