Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Upcoming Week and the Weekly Menu

Our house got listed yesterday and our first viewing was within an hour of it being posted on the computer.  We haven't gotten an offer yet, but I was pretty excited that there was a bite so quickly.

We had spent the morning downtown at Eastern Market.  I love going to Eastern Market and visiting all the shops. If you go during the week when the Farmer's Market is not going on you are able to browse to your heart's content with no crowds.  Of course, I love going when the farmers are there as well but then I don't usually hit as many of the shops.  Except for the wine shop....I always hit the wine shop LOL.

We started out at Farmers Restaurant where I had lunch and Frank had breakfast.
We then went to the cheese shop and butcher where we browsed but did not buy. 

But we did buy at the Seafood Store because tomorrow we and the Greens are hosting a Seafood Boil for our dive group.  I bought crab, lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams, kielbasa and Zatarain's seasoning. It is going to be sooooooo good.  I will be sharing our recipe for the seafood boil during the week.  It will be just a touch different this year as our friend, Sharon, has an allergy to mollusks so they will be cooked separately from the boil, but you will get the idea.

We also stopped by the wine shop where we bought a case of wine that included the wines for #WinePW that will post on next Saturday and #FrenchWinophiles which I will share with you the following Saturday.  Aren't you excited?  I sure am!

We hit a couple more stores including the spice store, coffee store and candy store but didn't make any further purchases. We headed home, put our goodies away and then ran some local errands before dinner.

Today, we are going to a Memorial Service for Frank's cousin's son who passed away last year.  They are having a bench dedicated in a park where Jeff loved to take his dog and look out over the water. Directly from there we are going to our niece, Danielle's, graduation party.  There will be Polish food and dancing.  I know we will have a great time.  On the way home we will be stopping to pick up the rest of the items needed for our party tomorrow.

We will go to 9:30 Mass Sunday.  Rob and Linda are arriving at Noon to help prepare for the Seafood Boil and the rest of the guests will be over at 2 pm.  Rob's band is coming and there will be music and fun for all.

Monday we are invited to Amy and Doug's for dinner.  The rest of the week is quiet, so far.....but that is always subject to change.  As is, and often does, our weekly menu but here is what I'm planning on serving.  Come back regularly for photos and recipes.  

Danielle's Graduation Party

Seafood Boil

Dinner at Amy's

Chef's Surprise (making something using the leftovers from Sunday)

Not your Mother's Beanie Weenies

Risotto with Chicken, Asparagus and Herbs (moved from last week)

Fish Friday
Coconut Prawns
Steamed Rice
Stir Fry Vegetables


  1. I can't imagine having my house on the market AND host a party! You are a saint, my friend. I would love to go buy a case of wine. But then I fear I would just keep drinking until it was gone. There is nothing worse than a wine hangover LOL!!

    1. Wine hangovers are bad.....and the party was planned way before we got the hair brained idea to move LOL. I'm also opening up my house to be used for a wedding shower at the end of the month


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