Sunday, November 23, 2014

Preparing to Give Thanks

I wasn't sure how I wanted to mark place settings this year.  I always like to use something that the guest can keep.  I have used wooden pumpkins, little frames hanging from a vase containing a rose, wine glasses, chocolate covered eggs and cookies  in the past year that I have been blogging.  Prior to that I have used wine markers, ornaments, potted plants, little books, get the idea.

Then yesterday morning we stopped for breakfast before our shopping extravaganza and while waiting to be served Linda and I walked next door to Miles Candy and Cake supply store.  I love this store and Linda had never been there....she loves it now too.  While there I spied some cute little turkey candy molds, so this morning I am making candy turkeys that I am going to place in little cellophane bags with the guests names written upon them.  One chore done and tons more to go.  I will get more serious about my preparations after the Basket Distribution tomorrow.

Aren't they cute?
I considered doing the tail feathers in all different colors.
For about a second and a half.
Then I came to my senses.

Slipped 2 into each bag lined with parchment so the name will show up.

I'm heading over to share this at the Inspiration Monday Party. Come along with me and share what inspires you as you find some inspiration.  Then join me at Simple Supper Tuesday and we will party some more!!

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  1. These are so cute....and clever to use them as place cards.


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