Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To our Veterans...You are Honored and Appreciated.

I posted this last year on Veteran's Day and I am sharing it once again because there is nothing more to say except Thank You to all of those who have protected us, are protecting us and will protect us.

Today is Veteran's Day, a day set aside to honor all who have served and are currently serving to assure that we all can sleep soundly each night knowing that we live in a safe, secure and free country. I could not be more Thankful.  It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their lives to caring for others.  Many of our veterans continue on after their military service in other occupations that care for others, police officers, firefighters, medics, nurses, doctors, teachers, counselors.  Many remain in the service and it becomes their career and way of life.  And then some, unfortunately, return to us damaged.  This damage can be physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. We owe these Veteran's the care and support they need to get themselves whole again and to provide for them and their families until such a time as they are healed.  That is not just our governments responsibility, it is also ours.  Our payment to them for the sacrifice they made for us.  It is a small thing.  It is something we all need to do. 

I am proud that I come from a family of people who have chosen to serve their country.  My Pops, Frank, Frank's brother, Dan, my brothers, Larry and Gary, Frank's father, many cousins and uncles and most recently our son, Chuck, who is currently serving in the US Navy.

My Pops, Louis F. Dubrul, US Army.  WWII Vet.

Frank's Dad, Anthony J. Klik, US Navy. WWII Vet.

Frank A. Klik, US Navy.  Viet Nam Vet.

Chuck at his graduation from the Great Lakes Navel Academy.
Charles L. Moore, US Navy.
Above he is with me and Frank.
Below his Dad and I are with him.

God Bless our Veterans, today and every day.


  1. Good pictures....I come from mostly a Navy family. My one brother was Army but he was drafted. Darian wants to be a Marine. Or he did last week :)

    1. I think the Military is a great choice for young adults, especially if they can get their schooling as part of the deal.

  2. Great dedication post to those serve to keep us safe.


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