Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life is never constant....

My life continuously changes from one moment to the next.  Ting and Tony's second car broke down so Frank went over there this morning to figure out what is wrong with it and was able to repair it so Tony could get to work again tonight.  Ting followed Frank home to spend the day and night with us. She likes to spend Sundays here so she can get rest and watch the Walking Dead.  On Monday morning's she gets her grocery shopping done while I watch Melody and then she heads home.

Frank still had enough daylight left to go flying but I decided to stay home and care for Melody so Ting could get some rest, so our friend Greg went with him and then stayed for dinner because Linda is out of town watching the Virginian grandkids for a week.

On our weekly menu I had scheduled Jambalaya for dinner on Friday because I was having a gang and it is Fish Friday however Doug is allergic to shrimp and Spence doesn't like shrimp so I moved my Thursday Lasagna to Friday and will make Seafood Lasagna as well for those who do like seafood.  Thursday, Frank and I will just grab dinner out somewhere before choir.

I spent the morning putting away Halloween decor and putting out Thanksgiving decor.  I also wrapped Christmas gifts because Ting is a nosy little thing!!!  Then I did an hour on the treadmill. Frank bought me a fitbit last week when we were Christmas shopping so it is motivating me to move more.

This afternoon, Tingting and I took Melody to meet Mom.  Mom loves babies and kids so was very happy that we came and only asked Ting 5 times how old the baby was and what her name was. Harriet was having a bad day when we arrived but the baby brought a smile to her face and she was fine when we left.  Several other of the residents stopped by to admire our Little Miss Melody as well but only Mom and Harriet got to hold her.

Mom was very surprised when we took Melody out of her car seat.
"oh, it's a real one" Mom said.  Some of the residents carry around baby dolls.

Little Miss smiled and waved for this shot.

Mom has always loved babies and children.
She lights up whenever they are around.
Pops was the same way and they passed that down to all of us.
We are all baby crazy in this family.

One year ago--Alton Brown


  1. We are a baby crazy family too...but I hope it is a long, long time before we have any here! It is so sweet of you to allow Ting to rest while you care for the baby. My mom would never have done that for me. Her motto was 'you had them, you raise them.'

    1. Oh it is so hard when you have a newborn and no help. How were you supposed to be the best you could be when you were so sleep deprived? It takes a village to raise a child.

  2. Tingting is not cute at all? Such a shame with such a cute kid.

    ugly parents do make the cutest kids.

    1. Ugly is what is inside you not what your outward appearance may be. Ting is beautiful inside and out. I again, will continue to pray that the plank be removed from your eye.

    2. I don't know, she's a very plain Asian girl. No wonder he only married her because he got her pregnant.

    3. I am so glad, Marlene, that you decided to show your true colors. I always thought people were exaggerating when they said how evil and nasty you were. I guess they weren't.

    4. Not "Marlene" But okay. Everything I said was true and you know it.


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