Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekly Menu featuring Planned Leftovers

We are going out for dinner tonight.  Since it is Soup Saturday I am still making soup but we will enjoy it on Sunday.

Monday we are going out to dinner and then going to see The Vienna Boy's Choir with the Benda's.

Try it Tuesday I am making a new recipe featuring leftover kielbasa.

Wednesday we are using up the last of the Turkey.

Thursday we are going to finish up the soup from Sunday before choir.

On Fish Friday I will be using a sheet of puff pastry leftover from an appetizer I served.

I hope you enjoy this menu that concentrates on Thanksgiving leftovers.  Join me each day as I post recipes and photos and join us at Menu Plan Monday to see what others have planned for this week.

Out for dinner with friends


Out for dinner before The Vienna Boys Choir

Try it Tuesday
Kielbasa Fried Rice

Turkey Pot Pie (substitute turkey for chicken)

Leftover soup from Monday before choir



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