Saturday, November 22, 2014

Singing Saturday...

This was a very busy but productive day.  We spent all morning shopping and lugging food for the Thanksgiving Basket Distributions.  Then we had to be at Mass at 4 pm as the choir was singing. After Mass the Benda's, who spent the day doing all of the running around with us, came back to enjoy dinner with us.  I had my soup I shared with you yesterday and Linda brought a delicious dish. I can't remember what she called it but it was like a gourmet version of Salisbury Steak.

Tomorrow is a free day YAY!!!  Even better, I get to take care of my Little Miss Melody while Mommy and Daddy have a movie date.  I cannot wait....I have not seen her since Tuesday, almost an entire week!!  I am suffering baby withdrawals LOL.

Speaking of is my baby being serenaded by her Daddy.  It makes her very happy.  It makes her Mommy very happy can hear her giggling in the background.

It makes my heart sing....knowing that my baby is loved so very much by so very many people!!!!


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    1. Isn't she the most adorable baby in the world???? Of course, I am not biased at all LOL>


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