Sunday, November 23, 2014

Petoskey and Pine

Our daughter, Nicole, and Son in Law, Pierre, have started a new business.  They make the most wonderful soaps and candles and now they have added lip balm to their products.  I cannot wait to try it.

I wanted to share their facebook page with all of you today.  They are making up gift boxes and I think they are just gorgeous.  You can learn more about it at

Photo: The business is almost there. This is a taste of what we're bringing. This is a gift box designed with 2 soaps, a soy candle, and an all natural lip balm. Perfect for the holidays!


  1. How can we order from them Wendy. I have liked their Facebook page. Is there a website?

    1. They are still waiting on their website Paula. They have a limited supply available and are working on their pricing. Leave a message on their fb page. Tell them you are a friend of mine and they will respond to you with information on how to order and they might even give you the family price.


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