Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Great Escape

What a crazy weekend we have had.  We had a great time at the Wedding yesterday.  The ceremony was beautiful, the reception spectacular, the food delicious, the Bride and Groom magnificent and a good time was had by all.  Frank and I were dancing fools as was the whole family.  We were on the dance floor all night.

I slept until after 9 this morning which was lovely but which meant I missed Mass because the Memorial Luncheon for David was at Noon and I had to be to the hall at 11 am to start setting up.  It was a very touching Memorial and a very sad start to the afternoon.

At 3 we went to pick up Mom.  When we walked in she was playing cards with the activity director and a couple of others including, of course, Harriet.  I told Mom we were there to pick her up for the party and she said that she had just started this game of cards.  The activity director assured her they would play again tomorrow.  Then Mom looked at Harriet and said "Come on Hon, we are going to a party".  I explained to Mom that Harriet couldn't come and then she thought that perhaps she should stay there with her then.  I said that Harriet's family would be getting there shortly to visit with Harriet so then Mom decided that she would go with us.

Mom seemed to have a good time.
Notice the tether on her leg, evidently she tried to escape this morning.

Danielle evidently did not get all her dancing out last night.
First she grabbed Roz for a dance.

Then she grabbed me.

Then both Grandmas.

And then Uncle Frank.
I guess she is getting in some practice before her dance recital on Wednesday.

After dinner, Mom said she was tired and ready to go home.  She couldn't believe that she lived so far away and she said so every 2 seemed to me like she lived much farther than I thought too LOL.

We got back to the Memory Care Center.  Mom said "Oh, am I home already?"  Frank and I walked her in, she went right to her room, went to the bathroom, got on her night clothes, kissed me goodnight and told me to stop by and see her again sometime.  That was it...all that worrying that she would have a hard time returning and she couldn't wait to get back.  


  1. Everyday will be different! I noticed the alarm on her leg immediately. We used to try all kind of devices to keep them from escaping! The wedding looks fun. I miss dancing with Richard!

    1. Yes, that is what we are finding Paula. Thankfully there seem to be more good days than bad. I hope Richard has less pain days and more awake days this week.


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