Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Home is where the Heart is...

Our Prompt for One Word Wednesday this week is HOME.  You can learn all about One Word Wednesday here.  It is a wonderful place to go and share your thoughts and encouragement with other bloggers.  Some of us are or were caregivers.  Some of us may be caregivers in the future.  All of us need to express our feelings with words and One Word Wednesday gives us that opportunity.

  1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
    "I was nineteen when I left home and went to college"
    synonyms:residence, place of residence, houseapartmentflatbungalow,cottageMore

  2. an institution for people needing professional care or supervision.
    "an old people's home"
It has been one week now since I moved Mom into her new "home".  I am still very guilt ridden and fragile about it.  Mom seems to be adjusting well.  When I talk to her she believes she just got there and is just spending the day at a "senior center". 

Some days she thinks I am there to take her home.

Some days she is waiting for her husband to get home from work, the service, vacation, who know's where (wherever her mind tells her that he is at that moment in time).

Some days she is having fun and can't be bothered with my visits.  Those are the good days.

My son called me while I was there the other day and yelled at me that the entire reason I placed Grandma in a HOME was so Frank and I could have our HOME back but yet each time he calls I am not HOME with Frank but at the HOME with Grandma.  "Go HOME, Ma" is what he says to me.

But HOME is Where the Heart is and right now my heart is torn between my family and my Mom.  

Mom is adjusting and I know that I will too....but it is taking me some time....Perhaps Mom is the lucky one...After all, she just got there and is going to be leaving in a little while.

And speaking of Home, join us at Thrive at Home on Thursday for great, uplifting posts and ideas.


  1. If I've learned anything in these past 8 years, it's that Alzheimer's is much harder on the family (especially us caregivers) than it is on the patient. I am buried in my guilt right now too. This dread I have of mom coming home is making me feel like an awful daughter. And the fact that I am bringing her home is making me feel like an awful mother and wife. I pray every day and know that the right answer will come when the time is right.
    I know you are feeling torn right now, but I think your mom is going to be fine - be thankful you did it while she still has her strength and energy to be involved in activities and not be confined to a bed where she will waste away. You picked a beautiful place for her. And as long as they think you'll be popping in and out - her care will stay a priority. That's how it works. The squeaky caregiver wheel gets the attention and best nurses!
    Stay strong. And listen to your son!!!


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