Sunday, June 15, 2014

Answer Me This....

I am linking up with Catholic All Year for another session of Answer Me This.  It is a fun little post where our host, Kendar, posts random questions for us to answer.  It is a great way to learn a little bit about your fellow bloggers or those bloggers that you are following.  Join us!!

1. What’s something you intended to do today, but didn't?

It is early on Sunday morning so I will tell you what I intended to do yesterday that didn't get done.  I am ashamed to say that I still have not bought or planted any flowers this year.  I had every intention of doing so yesterday while Frank held his class...but the best laid plans.......

2. What's your favorite grilling recipe?

We love our BBQ Ribs around here.
I am also sharing this recipe with Inspiration Monday whose theme this month is Grilling.

3. What movie did you see most recently?

I watched Moonstruck for our Food n Flix challenge that inspired me to make Moonstruck Minestrone.

4. Would you say your tendency is to over or under react to medical situations?

Well, I thought perhaps I was under reacting when Mom fell and I did not take her immediately to the hospital.  I did take her a couple of days later and I guess I was over reacting because she was fine, just very sore as was to be expected.

5. Do you squeeze the toothpaste tube or roll it?

I'm a squeezer.

6. What are you doing for Father's Day?

This morning we were up at 5 am to take our meat chickens in for processing.  We will attend 11:30 Mass, then we are going to pick up our computer that was in for repair.  When the processor calls we will get get our chickens, put them away and then head out to visit Mom before going to our eldest daughter, Amy's, house for dinner.  A pretty full day ahead of us.


  1. I don't eat meat anymore, but those ribs still look AMAZING!

  2. Ahem. Me thinks you'd better be inviting all of your Catholic friends over for those ribs. :)

    1. We could do that Dianna. My husband and I once cooked 21 racks of Ribs for wedding that we were catering. Thanks for stopping by today.

  3. Happy Father's Day to Frank and I hope your day is wonderful!

  4. Happy Fathers Day to Frank. I thought I'd start buttering him up so when you, me and Paula finally have our in person reunion, he'd make those ribs for us!!! I love ribs, but I rarely have success making them. I've got sweet Korean barbeque in my crock pot right now...we've got baseball all day. Go buy yourself some flowered!!!! They make everything better.

    1. Thanks Lisa, Have a great day and we would be so thrilled to be able to host a dinner for you and Paula.

  5. You won me over with these ribs, Wendy! I will be featuring them on Redhead's Kitchen on July 9th!

    1. Well thanks there anything I need to do other than link that blog to my post on the 9th?

    2. You are more than welcome to share it anywhere you would like to, Wendy! Thanks so much…these look so good!!!


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