Friday, June 20, 2014

Music, Music, Music

I did not go to visit Mom today but Dawn did and took Miss Teaghyn Lou with her.  They got there just in time for music hour and Teaghyn got to hit the drum while Mom and Harriet got to play the maracas.

Mom and Harriet have become bosom buddies.  They are together all the time.  Dawn spoke with Harriet's son this afternoon while she was at the residence visiting Mom.  He suggested that Harriet and Mom get a double room to share since they are inseparable anyway.  It would save both families about $1500 per month and I think Mom and Harriet might be happy with the arrangement.  I am going to go in Monday and talk with the administrators to see what they think.


  1. I think that's a great idea. We were planning on moving mom in with Rosemary before she got sick this last time. It would have saved us so much money and I think other than the occasional early morning when one of them had a doctor's appointment, it would have made them both happier. Hope it works out. BTW, that is a great picture!

  2. Thanks Lisa. We had originally told Mom she was moving into an apartment to get it ready for Pops but, of course, she has no recollection of that conversation.


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