Friday, June 13, 2014

Boo-Did I Scare You?!

Our prompt for today, Friday the 13th, asks if we are suspicious and ducking for cover or if we are out and about.

I am not at all suspicious.  Mom was born on Friday the 13th and she is the luckiest person I know.  I do believe in spirits and visits and help from the angels and saints who have gone before us but I don't see them as ghosts and ghouls and zombies.  I fear the evil of living people much more than anyone who is dead. Luckily, I believe that the evil people are in the minority even though the media would like us to believe differently.

Anyhoooo I digress.  The point is that I am out and about.  Not doing anything fantastic, just living my ordinary, wonderful life.  I took care of some stuff around the house and yard, went to visit Mom, dropped our desktop tower off at Best Buy for service, paid the bills and read for a while.

When Frank is done working we are going to walk to a local restaurant for dinner tonight instead of cooking the grilled cod that was on the weekly menu.  The restaurant is a little over a mile away so it will give us a little bit of exercise today as well.  One of the things I missed while caring for Mom was mine and Franks walks together.  I am happy to be able to get back to having them again.

At the restaurant after our walk.


  1. Sounds like a good Friday the 13th! I am not at all superstitious either but I do believe and have seen the spirits among us! They are the people I fear the least! LOL

  2. You sound good on this day. A good 13th! :-)

  3. Things are getting better Elaine. I even skipped going to see Mom yesterday as my sister and daughter both visited and assured me that she was doing well. Hope that your Friday the 13th was frighteningly good!!


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