Monday, June 23, 2014

Once upon a time....

in a beautiful, kind and loving land known as the Kingdom of Klik, there lived Good King Frankincense with his wife, Queen Mother Wendolyn.  They lived happily in their kingdom with their loyal royals...


The Good King and the Queen Mother were very happy in their Kingdom of Klik with their three loyal royals but alas an evil, named cancer, hit the Kingdom one day and stole Mistress Bessie the Beautiful away.

It was a very sad time in the Kingdom.  The King and Queen were inconsolable and heartbroken by their loss of this, their most loyal and true of the royals.

Almost a year later, in celebration of a day we call Sweetest Day, here in the Kingdom of Klik, Good King Frankincense surprised his wife, Queen Mother Wendolyn with a new loyal royal whom they named....

And while Princess Fiona of Fair Haven could never replace Mistress Bessie the Beautiful, she did help to fill the hole that was left in the hearts and lives of the King and Queen when they lost their Bessie girl.

Princess Fiona grew big and strong and the Queen Mother, who was very excited to have a Princess of such fine blood lines, dreamed of introducing the Princess to a Prince worthy of her and being able to share little princes and princesses with all their loyal subjects.

Good King Frankincense did not think that this was the Queen's best idea and tried to dissuade her but the Queen was adamant.  The Good King loved his Queen and only wished for her happiness so he relented and did not insist on the Princess being made barren.  

Soon the Princess started becoming a grown lady Princess and it was decided that she was still much too young to become a mother so the King and Queen would wait another few months before introducing Princess Fiona of Fair Haven to Prince Hefner of Biland.  The King and Queen tried very hard to protect the Princess from the attentions of Princes who were not worthy of her, but to no avail.

One horrid and terrible day, Prince Nothing from Nowhere, came onto the castle grounds and took advantage of Princess Fiona who was too young and naive to know any better.  Good King Frankincense was very disappointed and upset with the Queen Mother Wendloyn because he told her so  he had tried to warn her that this could happen.  

Queen Mother Wendolyn reminded her King that some of life's greatest blessings come as a surprise and that everything would work out just fine.

TO BE CONTINUED............

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